Breaking Dawn Summary of the Book

Breaking Dawn Book CoverThe story Breaking Down is divided into three invidual books. During part 1 we read about Bella’s wedding and marriage to Edward. They spend their honeymoon on a remote island near the coast of Brazil. During their stay, Bella’s wish comes true when she and Edward make love. Shortly after, Bella becomes aware of her pregnancy when she misses a period. She contacts Carlisle who confirms her suspicions, the couple make plans to return soon after. The fetus develops rapidly, an occurrence that prompts Edward to request she gets an abortion. Unperturbed, Bella resists his pleas and contacts her friend Rosalie, who has wanted children for a long time.

Part two is written from Jacob Black’s perspective, it documents the pregnancy of Bella right through to the birth of her child. The werewolves in the novel are unsure of the child and fear of the danger it poses prompts them to make plans to kill Bella to prevent it’s birth. Naturally, Jacob is strongly opposed to this and revolts. He cuts all ties to the pack and forms his own alongside Leah Clearwater and Seth. Four weeks after conception Bella gives violent birth to the child. In the process she loses a great deal of blood and suffers multiple broken bones. To save her life Edward is forced to embrace and turn her into a vampire. Immediately after the birth Jacob imprints the newborn baby girl Renesmee.

The final part of Breaking Dawn reverts back to Bella’s view point, continuing her story as an excited Vampire who enjoys all the abilities it brings. Irina, another Vampire mistakenly identifies the baby; she believes Renesmee is an “immortal child, one that has been changed to a Vampire. An act the Volturi outlawed previously. Irina informs the Volturi of the act, they then decide to destroy the Cullens and baby Renesmee based on Irina’s allegations. To prove their innocence and save the life of their baby daughter the Cullens gather vampires to stand up as witnesses and help prove to the Volturi the child isn’t an immortal child. The ploy works, the Volturi realize they have been lied to by Irina and immediately sentence her to execution for the mistake. She is killed shortly after. Despite the news of the childs true nature being revealed they are still unsure as to the threat the childs existence brings to the secret lives of vampires. Soon after, the arrival of Jasper and Alice, who too had a human-vampire child return. They prove the child presents no threat with Nahuel, their 150 year old crossbreed son. The Volturi see the truth in these words and promptly leave, safe in the knowledge that vampire-human crossbreeds can co-exist without bringing any undue attention on the vampire’s existence. Bella, Edward and their daughter Renesmee return safely to their home.

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  1. i luv twilight saga…..
    i luv edward like hell…..
    he makes me go crazyy….
    m juss waiting for d moviee…..<3

  2. Edward Cullen , myLove xox
    Jacob Blake, in my oppinion eww! look at his nose. VOMIT!

  3. i love seth and edward happy little punk…4 months to go and the long wait is over…**

  4. Wat about Jacob dude …. He looks more handsome than Edward in the movie . He makes a perfect match with Bella in the story . I wish Jacob could ha married Bella …

  5. I am reading Breaking Dawn. I’m currently reading Jacob’s point of view, Book 2. I was wondering if anyone knows where I should stop reading because the movie will be split into two movies. I may just read the whole thing before the movie release 11/18/11!!!

  6. ok, from what i have herd, jacob is going to be narrating most of the story and that the movie will bring in lots of money fo the box office.

  7. guys , i was kidding, i dont have a facebook . LOL . ! i dont know why i said that. i really don’t so don;t add the name cause i made it up.

  8. i like jacob cuz he is the real image of a man. The only thing about i dont like about the movie is dat werewolves r wolves, its just the size that differs. If werewolves had been like the ones in van helsing it would have been much more better. N yeah i hate edward the most cuz he is not man enough . He looks more like sick drug addict , shy n timid n way too girlish. Always very possesive, centered n ensecure. Boldness is 0.0 %. He should be a stripper in a gay club of men.

  9. I love Edward , he is such a gentleman n very protective when it comes to his Bella but I do love me some Jacob as well because he can be a great friend n boyfriend..But if I had 2 choose I would marry Edward n Jacob can just be my babydaddy since he imprinted on the baby any

  10. l luved all the movies. I am all 4 team edward. Jacob is hot but edward has the “x” factor.

  11. i really love twilight series…… it makes my world go round hahaha im going crazy ‘cuz i just love the way edwar smiles.. it makes my heart beats fast :) bella’s wedding dress is so awesome.. can’t wait to see the part 2 of the breaking dawn..

  12. TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN PART 1 ws very gd……..i luv all d 4 mvis bt d bst 2 sy is dis mvi………..waitin 2 c d part 2…….of course sad too cz its gonna b d last part of Twilight Saga………….comparing 2 vampire dairies & dis bth r equally gd……..edward,bella,jacob,& d other characters too rock in breaking dawn………..WISHING ALL My TWILIGHT TEAM………ALL D BEST 4 D NXT PART 2………MVI & D LAST PART OF TWILIGHT………MISS U ALL

  13. Everyday I watch twilight series movies..I like Edward and Bella so much..and hopefully in real life they’re all will get marry..cant wait for breaking dawn part 2..

  14. I love Edward and Bella like hell……and I love all the family members of the Cullens. I Love Breaking dawn and I so cannot wait for the part two!

  15. ilove bella and edward realy i wanna to be vampire like bella and edward .ilove jacop <3 <3

  16. Bella represented a very natural way represented a terrible hard and very sweet, such as the role of Edward the vampire in a striking manner, and more than a great violin and his love for Bella in the movie was very romantic to the point that the film spectator thought she really from the large natural representation in the film

  17. i really love bella n edward love team!!!!
    i can’t wait to watch the breaking dawn part two!!!!

  18. I LOVE BERKINGDAWN 1 I CAN’t wait part 2 RELIZ PART 2 AS WELL AS POSIBEL JOCOB no more wait 4 bella just go on ur self

  19. I luv twilight. I have a collection of twilight type. I hope that the twilight cast go to the philiphines in the mindanao coz i want to meet my idols.

  20. i love jacob! and i love the way the he starts the chapter in the book ” life sucks and then u die” yeah i should be so lucky —– jacob black

  21. i luv the breakeing dwn part 1 i cant wait to see the other one i will be waitin for novmber

  22. i do love Twilight espeacially the last series which is the Breaking Dawn! i’m so excited for the part 2. :)
    jacob’s really handsome.. but Edward & Bella are meant for each other. <3 :) <3
    love love love.. <3

  23. What i do not realize is in fact how you’re now not really a lot more smartly-preferred than you might be right now. You are so intelligent. You realize thus significantly with regards to this topic, made me in my opinion consider it from numerous various angles. Its like men and women aren’t fascinated unless it’s one thing to do with Girl gaga! Your individual stuffs outstanding. Always maintain it up!

  24. jecob is the real person in the movie……..jocb is the man character that support the eedward and bella characters…………………… love jecob…………….

  25. I lOVE alL of thE chAracTERS in TWIliGHt AND waitiNG for THE lasT part And DyiNG to WATCH it…………….

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