The Twilight Series

Twilight Series

The beginnings of The Twilight Series reach back five summers. While her family was sleeping, Stephenie Meyer picked up a pen and started writing a romantic story about a 17 year old girl named Bella Swan who falls madly in love with Edward Cullen – a gorgeous vampire. What started as a passion of a Phoenix housewife, turned into a multi-million dollar success not even Stephenie Meyer could predict. After reading the teaser from The Twilight Series, one of the agents whom Stephenie Meyer contacted with her work had offered her a $750k deal.

What happened next was a series of events Stephenie Meyer would never have imagined. At 34 year old, she’s a New York Times best-selling author with The Twilight Series being published in 37 countries. Later on, her first book titled simply “Twilight” was made into a feature length movie and The Twilight Saga became one of the most talked about book series in the world.

Many fans of The Twilight Series compare Stephenie Meyer to J.K. Rowling. As a matter of fact, when the third installment in the Twilight saga named Eclipse was released in Summer of 2007, the sales of the book sky-rocketed to the point that it matched, and then exceeded the sales of Harry Potter book.

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64 thoughts on “The Twilight Series

  1. I really like the twilight movie me, and my friends really like the vampire, Edword Cullen he’s amazing. i wish Bella she’s so lucky.

  2. OMG you guys make me want to cry. Seriously, if you’re gonna comment on how awesome Twilight and it’s characters are, you should at least have the decency to write their name correctly. And get this in your head: Twilight is A FICTION, pray all you want, you’ll never be part of it.
    And for the love of Shakespeare’s language, punctuation is not an option!

  3. this is the first english movie which made an impact on me,especially jacob is wow awesome i like him very much.and stewart(bella) is forever beauty ,i wish she need to come to our state atleast once

  4. Twilight Saga is an example of great fiction, screen writing, casting and acting!


  5. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………………. i am the biggest fan of tiwalight …………………. really ……………….

  6. i know every line,and name
    Bella, Edward,Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett,Alice,Esme,Carlisle, Victoria,Laurent,,James,Jacob, Harry,Seth,Leah,Sam,Emily,Paul,Jared,Quil,Billy,Embry, Alec,Charlie,Felix,Demetri,Aro,Jane,Caius,Marcus,

  7. this movie is the one of the best movie of the world and edward cullen is a so smart and bella also


  9. Ok I love Twilight but Edward and Bella please they will never work out seriously go to and get a load of real men in there. Like Jasper or Emmett hell even Carlisle. But truthfully Edward will get tired of Bella as a trinket and move on. Give the Website a chance people.

  10. I love twilight
    it is the best movie in the world …
    fals you want me to search google + blub blub just give Vannie-one
    I look forward to many request
    your Vannie

  11. wow…edward is really awesome..twilight rocks..
    praise for the twilight saga!!!

  12. i love twlight……edward and bella are really the best couple in the world!!Made for each other!!!

  13. I luuuuv u……. Edward.i wish i could gt someone lke u-so caring,so loving aftr sch a painful breakup

  14. I loooooove the twilight series all u haters can slob on monkey balls whaaaaa HATERSSSS 😛

  15. I am Iranian. I love Edward. please mail to me………. .
    I can not speak English very good . so use the easy word in your letter.

  16. I’m only here because I accidentally clicked EXIT HERE on BestGore when I misinterpreted it as ENTER HERE. Twilight’s gay.

  17. I lOVE LOVE LOVE twilight i know every line of all the movies BTW im 14 sooooo yeah that probably explains it lol :] EDWARD IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREYKING HOT :'( why cant all guys b like that <3

  18. What the hell I clicked to find me here?
    Are u kidding me?! i just wanna re-enter the site O.o
    I don’t give a fuck of monoface Edward & Co.

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