Letters That Crazy Twilight Fans Left on Robert Pattinson’s Car

Letters That Crazy Twilight Fans Left on Robert Pattinson Car

Robert Pattinson in New York – that sounds crazy and crazy it is. Crazy Twilight fans are making the news every day since their bellowed actor who plays vampire Edward Cullen is in the city. Even though working on a different movie (Remember Me), it’s still the same Robert Pattinson and drives crazy Twilight fans out of their skin.

We have heard of Robert Pattinson getting hit by a taxi cab trying to avoid the clutches of crazed fans and now they’re letting him love letters right on the handle of his car. How original.

There are still a few months left till the release of New Moon, but the frenzy is as escalated as ever. What is it going to be when release date is around the corner? The world will turn into Twilight, I swear. New Moon is bound to break all blockbuster records. There has not been a movie that would be anticipated this much, but let’s get back to crazy fans leaving love letters on Robert Pattinson’s car.

If you knew Rob was filming a movie in your town, would you go out of your way to take your shot at letting him know how you feel? Would you ask him for a date with a letter stuck behind the door handle? I’m as big a fan of Twilight as you all and then some more, but I don’t think I’d quite get this out of control. But that’s probably because I can’t relate as I live too far from New York.

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6 thoughts on “Letters That Crazy Twilight Fans Left on Robert Pattinson’s Car

  1. this is ridiculous for fans to do. i’ve done seen bow wow, chris brown, soulja boy..lots of artist and been really close to them. d fans didnt go that crazy. we were so close that they even camed out and waved/said hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robert Pattinson is cute, and yea we all have our moments to scream. but i wouldnt go dat crazy!!!!! lol he’s only “HUMAN”!!!!!!! Twilight is just an movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww common! they’re just showing their love! grant it, i wouldn’t do that but still… Although… I would LOVE to see a fan chase one day… that would be SOOOOOO FUNNNNNYYY!!!it’s always so interesting to watch obsessed fans!

  3. Whats so bad about leaving him messages on his car door?
    I love Twilight, and I would sure do it if I lived in New York! [:

  4. I don’t think this is that bad, to be honest.

    But I have to say, I do love the scribbled out phone number on the top right of the big note white note in the back with the blue sharpie xD

  5. I love Twilight, but I am not crazy or obsessed.People like that, give Twilight fans a bad reputation.

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