Twilight Themed Road Safety Signs in Portland, Oregon

Twilight Themed Road Safety Signs in Portland, Oregon

Following up on the success of the Twilight movies, the department of government responsible for road safety in Portland, Oregon put together road safety signs inspired by the series. The Twilight themed road safety signs can be seen alongside some of the major Portland’s roads and bear the line which reads:

You are not immortal. Buckle up.

While I truly like the idea of utilizing the styling owned by the Twilight franchise, some Twilight fans are so hard core they can get too ecstatic seeing anything related to Twilight and when that ecstasy is reached during driving… oh boy. Furthermore, the statement on the sign is rather unfair for the immortals. Hehe :)

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Ashley Greene Latest Photos from Hollywood

Ashley Greene Gives Peace Sign Photo

These are latest photos of Ashley Greene – Twilight Series actress who plays Alice Cullen from her visit to the new H.Wood Lounge in West Hollywood.

Ashley Greene took a break from the New Moon set in Vancouver and went to chill and club in Hollywood. The peace sign she flashed the paparazzi with is really cool and Ashley looks hot in that picture. Red plaid shirt is so boyish though, but still looks great on her.

Ashley Greene recently told in an interview that she appreciated the fans and said fans were the best part of being famous. Glad to see she still greets the paparazzi to let us know she’s on the level.

Gallery of photos with Ashley Greene on her night out in Hollywood is below:

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Ashley Greene – Shock Appearance at Twilight DVD Release Party

Ashley Greene in Photo with Newly Released Twilight DVD

This is it – Twilight movie has been officially released on DVD and Twilight once again proves it’s the movie that tops all charts. Fans from all over the place gathered round to pick up their copy of the DVD as soon as it became available. Those who went to Hot Topic in Hollywood got a pleasant surprise – Ashley Greene, the Twilight Series star who plays Alice Cullen shocked the fans with her surprise appearance. What a DVD release party for Twilighters.

Ashley Greene greeted Twilight fans who had spent hours standing in lines leading to the Hot Topic store at Hollywood & Highland. Then when midnight hit, their waiting has been rewarded. Ashley Greene gladly posed with fans for pictures and signed their newly purchased DVDs. Ashley Greene told MTV crew that other members of Twilight cast were making shock appearances at other places. The studio apparently distributed actors all across the USA, but kept it a big secret so nobody knew which actor was where.

Ashley Greene also mentioned that she’s still not used to this type of attention. She said Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) and Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) were main stars of Twilight Series and as such get so much attention, they eventually got used to it. But Ashley still gets nervous around crowds of fans.

Gallery of photos with Ashley Greene at Twilight DVD Release Party is below:

Photos of Ashley Greene from Hot Topic in Hollywood by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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Charlie and Bella Swan House Built in Vancouver on New Moon Set

Charlie and Bella Swan House Built in Vancouver on New Moon Set

Twilight Series fans from Vancouver in Canada, where New Moon is being filmed tracked down a place where they are building the house, which appears to be exactly as the house Bella Swan and her dad Charlie Swan live in. If you take a look at picture comparison above, the house they are building on the set of New Moon is getting the same look as the house Charlie and Bella Swan lived in in first Twilight movie.

Construction works on what will possibly be the house of Charlie and Bella Swan on New Moon Set is ongoing, which is likely part of the movie logistics. Principal photography for in house scenes will start recording once the house is finished. in the meantime, other scenes are being filmed. Sources claim that the house is being built directly on the New Moon set, hence it’s not just some random house in Vancouver somebody is building and happens to look exactly as the house Charlie and Bella Swan live in.

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Twilight DVD Release Party in Forks

Twilight DVD Release Party in ForksCountless fans of the Twilight movie are flocking to Forks to take part in one in a lifetime Twilight DVD Release Party this Friday. The party is thrown by Dazzled by Twilight store that’s based form out of Forks. Annette Root, owned of Dazzled by Twilight said she already has hundreds of people said they’d attend the party.

The Twilight DVD Release party is supposed to start at 10pm on Friday and will run until midnight, when DVDs will be distributed to fans. Annette Root formerly only thought of running small DVD release celebration within the Dazzled by Twilight store, but increased interest forced her to move the event to the larger venue at the Rainforest Arts Center on Forks Avenue.

The special Twilight Forks Edition DVD will be distributed at the party, but availability is limited and it is possible that those who haven’t made pre-orders may end up not getting a copy. We do not know yet what special items will be included with the Forks edition of the DVD. According to Annette Root it’s supposed to be a surprise.

Even though the party itself will not start until 10pm on Friday, the festivities will be ongoing whole day. The stores located downtown Forks will stay open late and will feature all of their finest Twilight merchandise. The tours through Forks sites as well as LaPush beaches will be available most of the day.