Twilight Condom

Twilight Condom

I’m not surprised that Twilight Condoms exist. This is marketing – once an idea catches on and takes off on the internet, if you are behind it, you milk it ad nauseum. There is or will be Twilight everything for as long as buzz around the series continues. Twilight Condom is just another of the long saga of Twilight related merchandise available for purchase.

On the other hand – even though it’s sky clear that there was naught more than financial gain behind introduction of Twilight Condoms, I must say that is it promotes safe sex and prevent unwanted pregnancy or spread of STDs, then I don’t really care what’s really behind it. Go Twilight Condoms 😉

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8 thoughts on “Twilight Condom

  1. i love twilight merch like every twilight fan, but come twilight condoms, and in the movie edward is so for bella waiting till marrige so y sell condoms lol i just find it fuuny

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